Bum in Chair

I love to procrastinate. Including writing a blog post when I haven’t wanted to write a blog post in ages.

I watch some digital artists on twitch. It’s a different kind of right-brainy skill that is fascinating to watch. Sculptors sculpting is good too. I tried watching writers, but it’s not as interesting.

Anyway, one of the artists I follow is Oabnormal and he talks constantly while drawing. He’s really engaged with the people watching him do art. I know I want to one day commission his work. A cover would be awesome.

One day.

Someone asked him how he gets through artist’s block. His response (paraphrased) was that he pushes through.

“Think about sitting down and starting.” ~ Oabnormal today at 4ish Pacific Time.

So right now. I’m thinking about sitting down and starting. Don’t think of the size of the project, think of starting it. A character sketch. A world-building exercise. The start of a scene.

Just start it.

Back in Busy Ness

Phew. I must say that I’m enjoying this April’s Camp NaNo. I’m 5k in and it’s still fun. I meant to write something particular in this post, but honestly I can’t remember what it was. It wasn’t about NaNo though.

Listening to Devon (my cat) snoring. It’s very cute. But like anything cute that’s repetitive, it gets trying after a little while.

Well, what I intended to write about isn’t coming to me. So I shall end it here with a fond adieu.